5 Useful Life Hacks and Tips

Feeling lazy bored or creative? Want to save money? Try out our life hacks and tips! I’ve chosen these hacks and tips specially because they have worked for me and I hope they will work for you too. They always have great results and it is very satisfying to see your handy work put to use!

1. Taking the heads off strawberries

– Poke a straw through the bottom of your strawberry and push it through to the other end where the head will then come out.

2. DIY sprinkler

– Make a line of little holes in a large drinks bottle

– Put the end of your hose inside the opening of the bottle.

– Duck tape the opening of the bottle where the hose goes in until it is sealed tight (you don’t want any water to escape)

– Turn on the hose

– Yay! You’ve made a sprinkler

3. No more crumbs when you get Pringles out of the can

– Put a sheet of A4 paper down the side of the Pringles whilst they are still in the can (the paper should curve like the can)

– Pour out your Pringles and enjoy the lack of crumbs on your chair

4. Keep your drink cool throughout the day

– Fill your water bottle a little below halfway with water

– Lay the bottle on its side in the freezer and let it freeze overnight

– This means when you fill it up with water the next day it will stay cold for a while

5. Preventing spots

– At the end of your shower turn the water from hot to cold to close your pores and prevent spots.

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