4 Tips to Fall Asleep

Sometimes after a long day, all we want to do is throw ourselves onto our bed and sink into the soft folds of the duvet. And then fall asleep. But most of the time this doesn’t  happen. Most of the time I lie in bed for hours, on my phone or wide awake, waiting to sleep. So the next morning I wake up with the imprint of my phone on my cheek and already ten minutes late. This is always super stressful and can ruin my morning and sometimes my whole day. That’s why I put together a list of all the things I do to get to sleep as soon as you hit the pillow. Read on to see…


  1. Put the phone away!

Or any other electronic for that matter. That includes laptops, tablets, iPods, phones, kindles and electronic watches (like a Fitbit or apple watch). Leave them downstairs so you’re not tempted to pick them up in the middle of the night when you hear the familiar pinging of another Snapchat notification. And did you know that phones emit a form of non-ionising electromagnetic radiation that can be absorbed by body tissues located near the phone? And although it hasn’t been directly linked to cancer, studies have shown that these transmissions could be carcinogenic and that the risk of these issues becomes more apparent when you are holding it or it is connected to wifi. So if you must have your phone next to you when you sleep, make sure it is on aeroplane mode or turned off completely.Spa scene with natural cosmetics

      2. Use essential oils

Essential oils are distilled from the leaves of plants or flowers and have various different effects on the body. For sleeping I would recommend lavender, valerian or vetiver essential oils, which have sleep inducing properties and also smell really good. They help you relax and can also lift your mood. These are super concentrated, so make sure you dilute them before use. To dilute, mix a small amount with a carrier oil, such as avocado oil or sweet almond oil, then spritz it onto your linen. Essential oils are also great for when you want to take a calming bath, but make sure to apply moisturiser after as it can dry out your skin. 


3. Consider using herbal medicine

This is a great option that I use frequently to help me get to sleep. Brands such as Bach have great options that come in different applicators, such as a spritz that is sprayed onto your tongue, or drops (which taste a lot better) and also pastilles (which I haven’t tried). These are completely herbal and are extracted from flowers, so you don’t have to worry about it being a real medicine. 

     o-laying-on-bed-relaxed-facebook 4. Breathe

I know that you are breathing when you try to fall asleep (hopefully) but have you considered how the way you breath might affect how fast your brain relaxes and lets you fall asleep? Use the 7/11 rule, which makes you breathe in for seven counts and breath out for eleven. This method can be adapted to your own needs. Personally, I find that the 7/11 rule is slightly too long, so I changed it to 5/8 to suit me. When you do change it, make sure that the out breath is still longer than the in breath, as this is what helps you to relax. When the exhale is longer, this makes the body relax, and therefore you can fall asleep faster.

Were those tips helpful? Comment your own down below!

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