Best Pancakes in London

Our chance to shamelessly eat piles upon piles of pancakes has come around once again! Shrove Tuesday is back… but where should you go to get your endless pancake supply? No fear, I have made a list of all my favourite pancake places in London so that you can enjoy your crêpe fix!

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My Old Dutch:

My Old Dutch is No. 1 on this list because it is the first thing that springs to mind when I think pancake (apart from Nutella). It has so, so, so many different toppings that I never know which one to chose! They have savoury crêpes, sweet crêpes, Nutella crêpes and even a Chilli con Carne crêpes!? I highly recommend going there as it has great service (when not too busy), a cosy atmosphere and enough crêpes to satisfy everyone. The individual crêpes are giant so I suggest sharing with someone (unless you are really hungry- I’m not judging!) 

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Granger & co:

I’ve mentioned granger in previous posts because it has such amazing food… and it is back with its amazing pancake! Served with honeycomb butter which melts on the surface and gives it an amazing taste and slices of banana (which always convinces me I’m kind of eating healthy). In the menu, they’re called ‘ricotta hotcakes’ but they are no different than any other pancake. Although they are slightly on the expensive side (£12.50) you can always share with a friend since there are quite a few in one portion. 

Image result for the breakfast club london all american

The Breakfast Club:

Although I haven’t been here many times, I can tell you that the times I have gone have been really memorable. When I went, I had the ‘All American’ which is a delicious dish with bacon, eggs, potatoes, sausage… and of course, pancakes. They were super tasty and drenched in maple syrup, which I for one love. The inside has a cosy, American diner feel which really adds to the overall experience. The bright yellow outside will make sure you don’t miss it, even if you’re not looking.

I hope you get a chance to go to one of these amazing restaurants. Comment below your favourite pancake place!

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