Smoothie recipe

A really good smoothie is hard to find so instead I’ve created a perfect recipe that can be adapted to almost any flavour or consistency. It’s a really healthy drink that can be served in a bowl or on-the-go, so it is perfect for every lifestyle. Since it has oats in it, it will slowly release energy so you’ll feel great until lunchtime. You can also vary the amount of liquid in it, so whether you like your smoothies thick (like me) or runny, you’ll love this recipe.

Best Pancakes in London

Our chance to shamelessly eat piles upon piles of pancakes has come around once again! Shrove Tuesday is back… but where should you go to get your endless pancake supply? No fear, I have made a list of all my favourite pancake places in London so that you can enjoy your crêpe fix! Read on to see…

4 Tips to Fall Asleep

Sometimes after a long day, all we want to do is throw ourselves onto our bed and sink into the soft folds of the duvet. And then fall asleep. But most of the time this doesn’t happen. Most of the time I lie in bed for hours, on my phone or wide awake, waiting to sleep. So the next morning I wake up with the imprint of my phone on my cheek and already ten minutes late. This is always super stressful and can ruin my morning and sometimes my whole day. That’s why I put together a list of all the things I do to get to sleep as soon as you hit the pillow. Read on to see…

3 Great places to go for a day out in London

Cereal Killer Cafe, Stables Market, Mezz 2, Chalk Farm Rd, London NW1 8AH This is a super Cafe surrounded by Camden Market. There speciality is of course cereal, but they do have pop tarts as well. They have a huge range of american and english cereal, and you can make your own mixture of both.… Continue reading 3 Great places to go for a day out in London

Top 7 Beauty Hacks

Here are out top 7 beauty hacks that will speed up your beauty routine and take a simple look from OK to perfect. Read on to find out more!

Mars Bar Cake

This is a really delicious recipe from The Primrose Bakery Book. It is really easy to make and a pleasure to eat.

Almond butter

You can use your almond butter for so many different things like the healthy fudge (above), in porridge, add it to smoothies, on toast or just eat it straight out of the jar! It is so versatile and a really good way to make anything instantly creamier and more yummy. I hope you get to make it and taste how delicious it is!